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Modern Architecture – London Residence

As we consider housing demands in UK, it becomes easier to think of the utilitarian aspect of the project hence the design and building of less aesthetically pleasing machines. Rather than sacrificing sentiments for function, it becomes important to rethink home designs. By this we mean homes that are designed differently yet procured economically, keeping both function and future proof aesthetics intact.

With this in mind, traditional forms and technologies can be applied in creative ways to rethink the way we design these homes of the future. Where people live should be more than a shell that keeps the elements out. This we tried to achieve in this home design without compromising proven construction principles and methods and without the need for complex but rather the traditional construction methods.

However, for the second design, we tried to create movement with these terraced houses. On the exterior it gives the impression of staggered structural instability; however, the core structure is predicated along conventional structural orthogonal principles. This is a break from the prevalent linear terrace tradition and serves to aesthetically enliven its local context without significantly disrupting the overall feel of homeliness.