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  • In 2017 AA Architecture (AAA) hosted a separate diversity event with Ben Derbyshire (RIBA President) as keynote speaker which revealed mental health concerns among architecture students during the Q&A sessions and confirmed by research statistics.
  • In 2018 AAA included mental health as part of the issues to discuss with Elsie Owusu (RIBA President) as keynote speaker. This event demonstrated the power of sharing as attendees voiced their experiences during the Q&A session and expressed encouragement.
  • AAA have been working on adopting a similar model towards an initiative – the Mental Health Café or in short MW Café
  • We are in talks with Universities to launch MWCafé this year 2019.
  • The website is up and running subject to regular updates. You can look at it on your mobile if you please its



The model is as follows:

  • Attendance (between 5 to 50 students), will be open to all interested students irrespective of Mental Health status
  • Each meeting will include coffee, tea and biscuits in a bid to create a relaxed atmosphere
  • A policy of anonymity will be adopted except for individuals willing to voluntarily let share their identity by way of sharing experience
  • Networking will be encouraged to allow one on one sharing among those who chose to
  • Meetings will be moderated by a mental well being professional or University mental Wellbeing representative
  • For majority of the events a notable personality or relevant persons who have been through a mental health situation shall be invited to speak from time to time
  1. RIBA AfC supports this initiative and requests constant updates.
  2. AAA try to fund the initial stages and if or when successful we hope to attract other sponsors.
  3. MWCafe event frequency tentative targeted is once or twice a year.



Mental Well-being for Architecture Students Initiative