Two Storey Home (Side) Extension in Conservation Area (We also helped Client to successfully secure Planning Approval on this project)

Conservation Area Two Storey Home Extension to provide Kitchen/Diner, Rooms and Toilets

This project was meant for a client seeking to maximise the adjacent land within the site by increasing the spaces in the existing building as well as modernising it.

During the execution of the project we encountered some constraints such as the legalities involved in the party wall (fence) which formed part of the extension. We ensured the design process was successfully executed in compliance with the Party Wall Act 1996.

The client was particular about opening up spaces within the building and expansion of existing spaces at the second floor. While working with the client to meet the needs, we were careful to ensure during the design that the client was very satisfied and that the existing structural supports were not tampered with in the proposed design as this would significantly increase build cost.

The building had spaces which were functionally redundant such as under the stairs and within the room area which we efficiently maximised and integrated into the overall design objective. We also ensured natural lighting access to the spaces especially for the toilet areas which complying with building control and planning regulation requirements.

During the planing application process , the conservation area sensitivities emerged which ranged from the material choices and external details to the form of the two storey extension. With dedication and careful coordination between planning authorities and the client, we were able to resolve these issues and planning permission was granted!


Two Storey Building with a Single Storey Home (Rear) Extension in a Residential Area (We also helped Client to successfully secure Planning Approval on this project)

Rear Home Extension to provide additional well integrated En-suite Bedroom

This project was designed for a business client who intended to increase the value of his property. We discussed the clients business case and arrived at the conclusion that in terms of const benefit ratio, a n additional en-suite bedroom at the rear will add value to the property.

We worked closely with the developer client to provide a cost effective design that met average projected home user needs. We also carefully exploited every square inch of the existing building and the site which was important as we avoided a situation where the back garden size is substantially diminished due to the extension works.

The client was particular about traffic seperation within the building as well access between bedroom and kitchen without having to go through other functional spaces. This was achieved by providing a distribution node at the interface between the extension and the existing building.

Also during the entire process we worked closely with the client to meet the needs while ensuring that the client was very satisfied.

During this process we were cautious with regards to cost, hence we avoided significant demolition of existing elements of the building as well as careful on choice of materials.


Two Bedroom Two Storey Building for Renovation (We advised Developer Client on business strategy to maximise profit and helped administer renovation works)

Renovation works on Two Bedroom Two Storey Semi-Detached Building

This was a run-down property vacant for approximately a decade. The original plan was to convert to a 3 bedroom from a 2 bedroom. We advised the client against this as house prices in the area would not provide profitable economic returns when considered in light of the construction cost. It was then decided that renovation of the property will provide better returns for the developer and less environmental disturbance.

The property needed significant works which included entire reworking and certification of the electrical systems, replacement and pipework for modern boiler system, replacement of entire roof, landscape of front paving and back garden, re connection of property to gas grid etc.

Due to the prolonged period of disuse of the property,we ensured the building was surveyed by a qualified surveyor and the structures checked by a qualified structural engineer before works commenced.

We administered the renovation works and provided minor redesign requirements. We also ensured compliance with CDM Regulations 2015 during the process.

There were delays due to interruption of funding by client; however, we ensured that the periods of redundancy were well managed such that as soon as funding resumed, the works commenced seamlessly to completion. On completion accounts were made for the client to ensure there were minimal cost overrun,

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